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The Most Important Terms in Playing Online Lottery

In online lottery like dewatogel games , there are some of the most important meanings in playing lottery that are used by several bettor. For those of you who are still among the new players in the world of online betting, surely that meaning is still very strange to your ears. That is a matter of course because there are so many meanings that you need to understand. However, you should not worry because over time you will naturally understand all the meanings.

Therefore, you who are looking for references about all the strange meanings, this opportunity we will review it completely. But first, make sure you have been listed first on an online betting site to practice it directly.

The most important meaning in playing online lottery that you might not know
In the lottery history, terms are often used to facilitate players in betting. And you must understand everything. Never like this picture.

These are the most important meanings of playing lottery online that you need to understand:

SG is the meaning for the Singapore togel market which is popular in Indonesia.
HK is the meaning for the Hong Kong lottery market.
SD is the meaning of the Sidney lottery market.
MC is the meaning for the Macau lottery market.
2 digits or two numbers.
3 digits or three numbers.
4 digits or 4 digits.
Figures that are in first place 4D lottery. Example number 1234, so the place As is 1.
The number that is in the 2nd place 4D lottery. Number 1234, so the Kop location is 2.
Head of
Numbers in the 3rd place 4D lottery. Number 1234, so the Head’s place is 3.
The tail
The number in the last place for the 4D lottery. Number 1234, so the tail is 4.
The meaning of JP we often encounter from the estimated lottery blogs. JP itself is an abbreviation of ‘Jackpot’ which means multiple wins.
Bulk JP The
word JP in this meaning is the same as the JP word above. Medium word Bulk is a lot. Being literally JP Bulk can be summed up to be a crowded jackpot.
JP Whale
This meaning is used for large Jackpots.
Nyebur is used by some bettor if their estimation is not right for purpose or defeat. Not only splash, this word can be connected with several other words such as: wet, sea, byur, swimming, and others.
The UPS in the lottery is not an uninterruptible power supply used in computers. But this meaning is generally used by some bettor to refer to Prioritizing Yourself.
Figures So
This meaning is used by some experts to predict the lottery to refer to estimates that are so trusted and do not need to be changed anymore. This number has become cooked to be installed no need to go back and forth or change the composition.
Dead numbers
In addition, the meaning of the death number is the opposite of what the number becomes. This meaning is used to believe that one number will not come out in the period after that. So if you predict a number will not come out, so you can use the meaning of a dead number.
Declining Rate (AI)
The figure is also the number that is expected to appear where 2D can be in the head or tail. Suppose one predicts AI 345. Which means the exit is 3x, 4x, 5x, x5, x4, or x5. Where x is an intangible number (independent).
Play Numbers (AM)
Play figures, the goal is to calculate the expected numbers to appear in 2D with the merge, for example AM ​​14569 so it is expected to appear 2D from the merged numbers such as 14, 15, 16, 19, 51, 59, 64 , 95 and so on.
This mean
is used to refer to a set of dead numbers such as the number 651 so it is estimated that the combinations of 65, 56, 61, 16, 51, 15 will not come out.
This meaning is used to reverse the numbers. For example, you predict 2D numbers BB 67. Meaning you have to put back and forth 67 and 76.
Plug free or attach one number.
Colok is right which means you can place it in the Ace, Head, Head, or
Plug Tail of the Dragon that is to place 3 numbers in a random place from 4D.
Strong Candidates (CK)
Numbers with high exit opportunities.
Control Number, means the same as AI but generally five digit numbers, for example AK 13689
Numbers that are not too strong in estimates but are reasonable enough to be installed just in case anyone knows out.
Those are the most important terms in playing online lottery that you need to recognize before playing. Hope it helps ..

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